Vac Ex – Doris

PW Process now have the extremely maneuverable and nimble Vac-Ex Air-Vac available to hire. The Air-Vac was designed as a narrow, all-terrain, independent and non intrusive method of excavation. This lightweight yet robust unit is fully remote controlled allowing safe working, and the use of suction means there is zero HAVs and strike risk.

What Is Vacuum Excavation?

Vacuum excavation is a safer, more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient method of excavating. A vacuum excavator is a construction vehicle that removes heavy debris and material from a hole in the ground in urban and suburban areas. Fast excavation is without the risk of affecting or damaging any utilities.

Vac Ex – Doris – More Information

Quickly becoming the go to for excavations, the Vac-Ex systems are simply the smart method of excavating. Whilst the unit has such small dimensions allowing access to previously impossible to enter areas, the tracked system adds to this and will never struggle to get over any terrain, whilst remaining nimble with a zero turning circle.

The combination of the powerful vacuum system along with an air lance attachment for agitation ensures all ground can be excavated safely, cleanly, with zero HAV’s and a zero strike risk. A perfect non invasive tool for the removal of dust, dirt, sludge or slurry. The machine empties quickly, cleanly and remotely, enabling efficient job complete on the toughest of locations.

Our purpose built trailer enables easy delivery and collection of the unit to the work site, and the integral tow bar allows the Vac-Ex unit to tow along tools or compressor units, whatever the job requires. The remote control unit epitomizes non invasive excavation.

For any further informaton regarding the unit and our fully trained operatves or for a free no obligaton quote, please contact Kelly or Andrea on 01623 27 25 26.

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Benefits of Vaccuum Excavation Include:-

• Multi-terrain capabilities
• Environmentally friendly
• Anti-vibration tracks
• Easy on-site deployment
• Zero HAVs risk
• Zero strike risk
• Remote operation
• Zero turning circle
• Air lance
• Non-invasive excavation
• Dust/Dirt
• Sludge/Slurry
• Easy spoil infll
• Easy and fast empty
• Hydraulic supply

Vac Ex – Doris
Vac Ex – Doris
Vac Ex – Doris
Vac Ex – Doris