Coded Welding and Fabrication

MIG, TIG and Stick Welding

PW Process Ltd coded welders and fabricators are qualified to weld all ferrous, non-ferrous including Stainless Steel materials. All of our welders are trained to the highest standards and are continually assessed to ensure the highest standards are maintained. Approved welding procedures are in place for all of our welders.

PW Process Ltd provide the opportunity to fabricate and weld on site or at our own workshops in the East Midlands with materials transported to site for installation.

Bespoke Solutions

We have worked with regional and national clients manufacturing bespoke solutions for individual need. It is our drive and aim to understand your problem work with you in your unique environment to establish the best possible solution to improve your situation.

Call us on 0162 327 2526 or email us at to discuss your potential project.